Demolition means dismantling of a part of a structure or the whole structure. It requires planning and controlled methods in order to properly execute the demolition. Acquiring a demolition service make it easier to remove or dismantle infrastructures in a safe manner and high quality.
There are four types of demolitions or methods of demolitions:
1. Crane & Ball Demolition – It is the oldest method where it requires a heavy ball which is attached to the crane in order to demolish the whole infrastructure.
2. High Reach Arm Demolition – A method of demolition where it uses a machines or excavators which can reach 20 meters or more. It can demolish all types of structures with a lot of concretes and steels.
3. Implosion Demolition – It is a method where requires using of explosions to destroy or bring down a structure.
4. Selective Demolition – This can be done if the owner or client wants to reuse or recycle the materials which they can be used in building a new structure.
We need demolition in order to demolish or remove a structure in order to change the property purpose or rebuild the building. It should be well – planned in order to execute the demolitions, in a safe manner and in a high quality
Although demolition means to remove, it is not necessary to remove the whole structure. We also have interior demolition where if you want to remove parts of the building like stairs, ceilings and any other parts then it can also be done.
You need NOCs for all demolition works from the services owners like Etisalat, ADDC…etc. in order to secure the demolition permit from the local authorities
Demolition works requires trucks and tools that you will need for demolition process. Such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and the attachments like the breakers and crushers to execute the demolition operation
Demolition operations requires proper inspections and surveys of the structure by a competent person to assure that the activity can be managed safely. Demolition operatives need to maintain their health and safety by following the rules and implementing the approved safe working procedures.
By using the right process of demolition, we can reduce the spreading of hazardous waste that might occur. We can also do proper water and waste management. A well-planned and managed demolition can also control or limit the pollution.
Demolition is not that expensive. Sometimes you can save money by doing demolition instead of renovations of the whole structures. because renovating operation takes a long time and it is unsure it will be carried out properly, that is in addition to the design limitation in case of renovations