Guaranteed Residential and Commercial Demolition Services.

We do all kinds of Buildings and Villas Demolition Services. Our services are guaranteed professional and stress free. We have more than 15 years of experience in demolition and earth works. We comply with the highest standards in Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality, we deliver our services on timely manner according to the clients' requirements.

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Al Sakhar Building Demolition Services

Heavy Equipments

We use high quality and well maintained machinery and equipements which will not stop your work in mid.

All Services


We are offering demolition service for all building's structures such as houses, schools, residential buildings, hospital…etc. We use the latest technologies to make the demolition safe, easy and fast. We depend on highly trained and expertise staffs and technicians to carry out the works complying with all safety requirements.

Strip out services

We also offer strip out services. If you want to remove your interiors ceiling or floors, staircases and fixtures, we are here help. We are experts in dismantling and removal all parts of the structures and we manage our project as per the client's and authorities' requirements and recommendations to ensure the safety and quality


Decommissioning of infrastructures. includes the power plants & stations. Water substations, sewer treatment plants, Pipelines petrol distribution stations and oil fields We are fully aware on how it might affect to the environment that is why we are the highest standards and codes of practices while conducting the decommissioning. We also carry out detail inspection and initial survey to assess the risks on the workplace and the nearby

Earth works, Pile cutting/Excavation

We provide earthworks services which include the process which are excavation, transportation, unloading and compaction. For these works we use latest earth – moving equipment like excavators, trenchers, bulldozers, crawler loaders etc. to carry out the planned operation, fast, easy and safe. We assure that all rules and regulations are complied with while carrying out the earthworks and/or excavation.

Leveling and Backfilling

Leveling and Backfilling services includes putting, removing or replacing the soil. It might come when the excavation is done and it requires heavy equipment, efficient planning and awareness of the project requirements, therefore, ADB assure that all works are well-planned before the project commencement, and of course the safety of our workforce and all who might be affected by our works is top priority.

Concrete Cutting

We also offer Concrete Cutting of any concrete structures. This includes sawing, drilling and partial removing concretes, using high quality machines. We use concrete saws and drills in order to execute the works as per the highest safety and quality standards.